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updated 11/07/2015

Ricochet Ridge

Purebred French Copper Marans

French copper marans are a breed that originates from Marans, France and so even one bird is called a Marans. This breed lays dark brown eggs which are sometimes speckled. The French variety is distinguished by the feathering on the shanks and outside toes of each foot.
This is  a beautiful, heavy breed that is cold hearty for the New England winters! Fertile hatching eggs and live chicks will be available for sale in January 2016.

For More Information on Ricochet Ridge Hatching Eggs and Chicks Contact Us. Let us know where you live and if you would pick up or have us ship.

Please Note:

All our chicks are sold "straight run", i.e. they are not sexed.

Purebred Ameraucanas

Our Ameraucanas are bred for size, color and conformation for show. They all have slate colored legs, pea combs and beautiful muffs and beards. This flock produced several show winners this past year and their chicks have been absolutely beautiful. One black rooster covers four blue hens, three black hens and two splash hens. The chicks from this flock will be either blue or black.